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Background to the survey

You are invited to complete this survey as a way of evaluating how far we have come with our technology learning through our involvement in Technology Together. Completion of the survey is voluntary and will take approximately 20 minutes.


Reporting to your school


By completing this online survey your responses can contribute to a report which will be returned to your school. At no stage are you asked to provide your real name and no individual responses will be able to be linked to you personally. You are given the choice as to whether you want your responses included in this report. Your consent can be withdrawn by contacting us via email on


In order to link your responses to your earlier survey, you will be asked to include the same nick-name (pseudonym) which you included in your original survey. You may need to look this up on the document you saved or printed, so you might locate this now. If you are unsure of your nick-name you will be able to leave the field blank. and you will be asked additional questions.

Are you happy for your anonymous responses to be included in the whole-of-school report which will be returned to your school?

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